Satur-date Night!

It’s Saturday night, or Satur-date night if you have a way with words like I do. Winter is now in full swing. Most days I step outside and I am absolutely freezing. I’ve brought out my winter hat already and I’ve been wearing my Winter coat since September now. I’m actually in the market for another Winter coat with a hood and also a faux fur gilet, as I don’t think you can ever have enough Winter coats/jackets. However, even though it’s freezing outside, most of us still want to go out and have a social life don’t we? We still want to go for drinks or dinner of an evening and we don’t necessarily want to be wrapped up like a burrito when we do. So what do you wear?

Well, I picked this whole outfit up from Pretty Little Thing, New Look and Primark. So firstly, this is doing Saturday night on a budget, as it was super affordable. Pairing a long sleeved top with a midi skirt is the perfect way to make sure you’re not shivering your socks off when you step out of an evening. The top is just a simple elastic jersey material and therefore still shows off your figure and the bandage skirt nips you in at all the right places whilst also allowing you some movement with the cheeky little split at the side. Both were from Pretty Little Thing. The top is slightly see through I know, but I do have a bra on so just get over it boys and girls.

Now, I really am not very good at doing eyeshadow or applying lashes; but I thought I’d give it a try. My make-up is usually very plain and minimal so sometimes it’s nice to play around a little bit. I used the same palette I always use from Estee Lauder to do my eyes, creating a slight cut crease with some concealer and then applying a shimmery shadow and some glitter on top – all the shimmers and glitters were from MAC. I also don’t have a contour powder and have no clue how to contour, so I just “reverse contoured” by using a slightly lighter powder from Maybelline and sweeping it under my cheekbones to create some definition. This is a trick I picked up from Jackie Aina and it’s so easy and non-intimidating for people like me, who think contouring is a bit much and can look a little bit scary! Finally, I added some lashes – which applied super easily for once and a red liquid lipstick. So in principal it was all super easy and if you know how to do make-up, it will not take you long at all.

For my hair, well, it’s cold and the air has that sticky, wet feeling you get when it’s been raining and it’s also super cold. For this reason, there was no point in applying any heat to my hair and sometimes you just want something quick and low maintenance. In fact, I want something quick and low maintenance all the time with my hair lets be honest. So I just did a middle part and tied it back into a ponytail. Again, very easy for weather like this. If your hair is anything like mine, it will frizz up at the slightest wind or drop of rain and you’ll end up looking like a piece of candyfloss twenty or so minutes into the night. So it’s really safest to wear it up in weather like this. My earrings were just simple ear jackets from Accessorize and my choker came in a set of 3 for £1 in Primark.

This is the kind of outfit you could wear out with your girls on a Friday night. Or you could wear this on a cheeky little date night. Although I would happily go out with my girls too, so if my best friends are reading this, then please get your act together and come on more nights out with me!

And to everybody else, thank you for reading 😃

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