How I maintain clear(ish) skin!

Having a skincare routine has been a really important part of my day-to-day routine for years. Cleansing morning and night, using a face scrub or exfoliator once a week and throwing a mask in here and there when I feel like I need to detox or am having a really bad skin week. I’ve tried all kinds of skincare – from Boots cucumber range (a cult favourite) to Tatcha dewy skin cream (maybe a little over-priced). But have you ever tried not having a routine at all?

I treat my skin intuitively. No one skincare regime works for me across the board, in every season, throughout every month. Your hormones can effect your skin, your mental health can effect your skin, the environment, the products that you use and the way that you use them. There are so many factors here and there that it would be next to impossible to say that this one specific routine is a sure way of achieving clear skin.

My skin is usually quite good. I don’t suffer from acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, blackheads or any kind of serious skin problems. Generally, it’s okay. To tell you a little bit about my skin type, I have naturally oily skin – especially on my cheeks and just between my eyebrows. However, I do feel that my skin requires deep moisturisers to keep it hydrated. Contrary to the belief that people with oily skin don’t need to use as much moisturiser, I actually double moisturise. Yes! Every morning I use two moisturisers. One to hydrate the skin and the other to soften it. The first is the Boots Cucumber Moisturising Cream. You can pick this up for about £2.00 in store and it lasts forever. It’s fast-absorbing but it really hydrates your skin. Because it sinks into my skin quite quickly, I then go in with a deep moisturising cream on top. The second one is Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. This is an expensive product for sure, as it costs about £50-£60 and comes in a very small tub. But I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful. First of all it feels like silk. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way. I like this moisturiser because you can really see and feel the effects of it. Unlike the Boots cream, once you work this one into your skin, you can see how hydrated your skin is. It feels plump and it gives you this sort of sheen that completely alleviates any dryness – so I highly recommend the splurge for this one!

Something I have noticed that really keeps my spots at bay is drinking lots of water. I hardly ever drink juice. All I drink is peppermint tea, coffee (here and there) and water. Hot water and lemon is my absolute favourite. Not only does it taste refreshing but it’s a great natural detox for those days where you feel really unhealthy. And then there’s just plain and simple cold water. I feel like this tip is age old but drinking water is honestly the best thing you can do to keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin peels, is flaky and doesn’t look good with make-up on.

Speaking of make-up, my next tip is to give yourself some make-up free days! Before I started working full time, I was under the impression that I would have to wear make-up everyday to work. This is the biggest myth ever. First of all, I don’t have time to apply make-up every morning and if I do find the time, I’m usually late. Wearing make-up everyday means cleaning my brushes more regularly, which is what I should be doing right now but am too lazy to go and do. It means using more of my make-up remover in the evenings and consequently having to buy it more frequently. It means tapping my eyebrow when it’s itchy because I don’t want to scratch the make-up off and smudge them. But most importantly, not wearing make-up on some days means that you’re giving your skin that needed time to breathe. The key to no make-up days is having good skin and one of the keys to good skin is having no make-up days, so they really work hand in hand.

My final tip for you is to try just washing your face with good old water. There are so many products on the market now that will claim to do all sorts of things – anti-blemish, anti-ageing, removes blackheads, reduces the appearance of pores, targets redness, evens skin tone. Honestly, having a look at the ingredients on the back will make it easy to see that sometimes these products are doing more harm than good. Just like we love a low-manipulation hairstyle, I also love a low-manipulation skincare routine. Sometimes that just means washing my face with water and moisturising with my favourite creams. Keeping it simple and not layering my skin with product after product, which can almost feel the same as putting on a full face of make-up sometimes!

What are your skincare tips?