Interior Design Round Up – February

I want to start off by showcasing this gorgeous guest room at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. Designed by Kelly Wearstler, this monochrome room is just beautiful. The colour scheme may look simple, but working with different textures, tones and tints of the same colour actually makes this room quite visually complex. It’s a really great way to keep things simple (ish) yet still create a really impressive interior. You can read more about Kelly Wearstler’s commissioning of the Proper Hotels & Residences here on the Interior Design magazine website!

Talking of colour, I want to mention that Dulux’s colour of the year is stunning! I absolutely love it. It’s called Tranquil Dawn and is supposed to represent that moment of calm that we are all seeking in a world full of chaos. It started out with the idea of humanity and what it means to be human and was refined and developed into this meaning. I really love the story behind this colour and I think it is also such a beautiful one. Unlike Pantone’s, which I talked about in January’s round up – I don’t really like that one!

Dulux Tranquil Dawn

Next up, I want to showcase this really unique pendant light fixture that I found whilst sourcing. The below pendant is by Seattle based manufacturer Graypants and is crafted by hand from recycled cardboard. Yet, it looks incredible! It’s warm, textured and definitely a striking standout piece to use in a design scheme. All of the lights are precision cut with a laser, use non-toxic adhesive, and all have been proofed with a non-toxic fire retardant. These are part of the Scraplights range and you can get them in different shapes. I love finding pieces that are beautiful and environmentally friendly!

Graypants Products ScrapLights Natural
Graypants Scraplights

Also interesting was this read from The Guardian (who I interned with – yes, I have to throw that in there at every opportunity possible thank you!), discussing how it is possible to liven up a property that you rent. Obviously follow the rules set out by your landlord, so as not to breach your contract, but this South London (Crystal Palace) interior is colourful and personal and you would never guess that the tenant doesn’t own it.

The artist, Anna Jacobs, who owns the house also produces some beautiful homeware which you can have a look at on the Anna Jacobs Design website here. Her pieces are really colourful and in the article she talks about how colour effects her mood and why it’s therefore important to her to have lots of it around. You can also browse the rooms in her home on her Instagram account.

Anna Jacobs House
Anna Jacobs Website

Finally, I have to mention The Wing London, Oxford Circus. I’ve been seeing this advertise all over my Instagram. If you haven’t, then it’s a co-working and community space for women. The first Wing opened in New York (the coolest, chicest city ever) in 2016 and now we have one here. It’s a private club, uniquely and brilliantly designed of course. Women use it for running their own businesses or just to be part of a community of empowered and elite women who inspire each other. I say this as if I’m a member myself, which I’m not, but perhaps one day. You can glimpse some of the room below and find out more on their website.

The Wing, London
Roof Terrace at The Wing, London

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