Techniques to get the most out of your favourite exercises

With most of us quarantined inside our homes, everybody is turning to home workouts. So I thought I would give you some tips to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the exercises you’re doing. I love home workouts and have been doing them for months and months now instead of going to the gym. I find that I work better at home, in my own space. And while a lot of us will be trying to do the same, it’s really important that when you’re completing these exercises at home, you’re still getting the most out of them. There are no machines to help you with your form at home – unless you’re super lucky and have some sort of home gym. So below I have listed just a few of my top tips.

Use a supporting mat.
I find it really important to exercise on a mat. You can pick one up from Amazon or Sports Direct and these will really help to support your body with any exercises that you’re doing. Make sure to get one that’s nice and wide and one that has a good thickness to it to provide padding.

Wear trainers instead of socks.
You might think you don’t need to wear trainers when working out at home but I really like to put mine on if I can be bothered. Firstly, they add that tiny little bit of extra weight to your feet. This is great for any core or ab exercises. Secondly, they provide your feet with the support needed for any bodyweight exercises such as squats.

Press your lower back into the floor.
When you’re doing any core/ab floor exercises, it’s really important that you focus on pressing your lower back into the floor. Improper form with these exercises will cause a gap to form between the floor and your lower back. This makes the exercises ineffective. Focus on tucking your hips under and pressing them to the floor. This is especially important for any lower ab exercises that you do. You’ll definitely notice the difference!

Perform exercises at a controlled pace.
If you’re following a workout video, then you’ll be tempted to try and match the pace of the person you’re watching. This isn’t always going to be possible and often you’ll end up performing your exercises incorrectly because of this. If you’re flailing your arms or not sinking down low enough into your exercises because you’re trying to keep up, then you’re not getting the most out of them. Thus, the workout becomes ineffective. Instead of trying to match anybody else’s pace, work on performing the exercises at a pace that allows you to do them properly. You’ll still be doing them for 40 seconds or a minute. If you do less reps then that’s fine, as long as you have done them properly!

Move slower.
Slowing down your movements builds endurance and actually makes your muscles work harder. This is why pilates movements are often quite challenging and require a lot of concentration. I recommended pilates in my last post for this reason. It teaches you to control your movements and to think about what your muscles are doing. This is a great way to learn how to do certain exercises that you might be struggling with. Just slow them down.

Don’t drink water too regularly throughout the workout.
If you keep drinking water in every rest, then your body is filling up whilst you’re working out and it’s going to become more sluggish. Save your water for a halfway break or the end of the workout. This gives you something to work towards and teaches you to remain disciplined.

Invest in some weights or a resistance band.
Home workouts are great but at some point, you’re going to need to up the stakes so that you keep pushing your body to do more. Invest in some dumbbells, ankle weights or a resistance band so that you can vary your movements. This will help you to keep challenging your body.

What are your tips for working out at home?

Tan’s 2020 Fitness Goals

Hello! Here we are in 2020, at that time of the month when everybody is thinking about how to keep those new year’s resolutions. Save more? Commit to dry Jan? Hit the gym? That last one is always my favourite – I love the fact that people are so motivated to work out at the start of year but hate that so often, many of us fail to keep up with it.

I feel like I say this all the time but working out is really important to me. Over the past two years, I would say, of consistent exercise, I’ve picked up on very noticeable differences in the way I feel and in the way I feel about myself. It’s definitely been a journey.

I started working out because I wanted to lose weight. There was a time when I looked in the mirror and honestly hated my body. I would find a list as long as a lamppost detailing how fat my legs were. I think as girls, regardless of whether we love our bodies or not, we all have that one part that we have never been satisfied with. So, when I first started working out, I pretty much only trained lower body.

Then, I started to notice that my legs were getting bigger because I was building up muscle. I scrapped the weights and started training cardio only. But even then I wasn’t happy.

It took me about a year and a half to get to the point I’m at now, where the way that I look has moved down the list of reasons why I work out. When I started working out, I wanted slimmer legs. Period. Now, I work out because it makes me feel energised, it gives me something to work towards, it gives me the opportunity to train new parts of my body and see how they progress over time, it stops me from getting bored, feeling sluggish and lazy. There are lots of different reasons why I continue to workout.

Over the Winter months, my workouts have changed to home workouts. I still have a gym membership but I haven’t used it in about two months. I’ve been trialling how much more successful it is to workout at home, rather than at the gym. I think that for me, it all depends on the season. I really don’t want to get dressed and go out into the cold to workout – I just don’t. So I roll out my exercise mat and I workout at home instead. At the moment, I’ve literally only been doing MadFit workouts on YouTube. I think they are amazing! They’re usually between 10 and 20 minutes so I would normally do two in a row, but the 10 minute ones give you the option to get some high intensity activity into your day even if you’re feeling sluggish or if you’re low on time.

The reason why I enjoy home workouts so much at the moment, is because I can target my workouts and train in a guided way for free and without anybody around me. The one thing I always struggled with at the gym was finding space. At home, I have my own little space and I can train in exactly the way that I want to. I also sometimes film my workouts. No, not because I’m a narcissist! Simply because it’s good to watch them back and see where I need to improve my form in order to get the most out of the different exercises. Again, this is something that I couldn’t do at the gym.

This year, my main fitness goal is to be able to do a press up. Easy for some, hard for the rest of us who have very minimal upper body strength. All those lower body workouts two years ago meant that I completely neglected my arms! I have been doing a lot of ab workouts recently and many of the exercises involve having good upper body strength. So this year, (well, really towards the end of last year) I have started incorporating upper body exercises into my routines. I’m really excited to see how far I can go with this. After we nail the press up, it’s on to pull-ups!

I love the feeling of setting yourself goals and achieving them. It’s honestly the best feeling when you think about something that you’ve said you want to do and then realise that you’ve managed to do it. Fitness achievements are probably up there on my list of most gratifying successes. Again, I say this a lot but there was a time when I couldn’t do lying leg drops or planks and here we are doing them as part of 3-4 part ab sets.

If you are on a fitness journey this year, then I urge you to do two things:

1. Set small and achievable goals for yourself rather than saying “I want to lost a stone by Summer”. I really think you will feel so much better and stronger if you break that down into achievable little parts and work even harder to hit those mini goals before the big one.

2. Find free ways to get fit. Go running, play a sport with your friends or honestly, just start doing YouTube workouts. As I said in my fitness influencers post (linked below), I really recommend MadFit workouts. They’re challenging, really well-paced and I have really seen and most importantly, felt results from them.

If you want to read any of my other fitness posts, then click on the tag below.

What are your fitness goals in 2020?

My favourite ab exercises

Home workouts are fast becoming my favourite way to exercise. The weather outside at the moment, is Arctic! Thinking about leaving to go to the gym or to join in a gym class used to excite me. Now? I couldn’t think of anything worse. It’s too cold, gym clothes aren’t particularly warm and I just don’t want to be shivering all the way there and back.

Just because I don’t want to leave the house, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to exercise. As I always say, it’s become as normal to me as washing my hair. You know when you haven’t washed your hair in about 3 days and you know you really should do it as soon as possible? That’s how I feel when I don’t exercise. It starts to niggle away at me and I actually start to feel very anxious.

I’m very body conscious. Not in the sense that I’m self conscious of my body but more in terms of being aware of what my body looks and feels like. It might sound strange but I can really see and feel the effects of a bad week of eating and no exercise on my body. My two favourite areas to train (like all girls) are my legs and abs. So, today I have put together a list of my favourite ab exercises for you to try at home. Beware, I don’t know the proper names for all of these exercises so I have named them as best as I can.

Lying leg drops with crunch
Keeping your lower back pressed to the floor is key to getting the most out of this exercise – and most of the other exercises I will mention. When you adopt and maintain this form, you target your lower abs, which is the main area that we all want to see those results in for a flatter stomach. With this exercise, you want to lie down on the floor and bring both your legs straight up above you. Then you want to crunch up (try and touch your toes with both hands) and then drop both your legs and arms at the same time. Legs go straight down (as far as you can go without lifting that lower back off the ground) and your arms go straight back behind your head. Your feet should never touch the floor. You can add a weight to make it more difficult if this is easy for you and remember to do everything in slow and controlled motions.

Dumbbell reverse crunch with leg extension
Once again, lower back stays firmly to the floor. You want to bring your knees into your chest and at the same time, you want to bring your dumbell in and over your head to meet your knees. Then you reverse this motion and you bring the dumbbell back over your head and extend your legs into a straight position above the floor. Again, don’t let those feet touch the floor.

Full sit-up
Again, using a weight you want to do a normal sit up, but come all the way up and lift the weight over your head before coming back down. Make sure you keep you feet on the floor and don’t be tempted to use any other muscle group to help get you up. You should only be using your core.

Single leg raises with crunch
This is definitely not the name of this exercise! Essentially, you start out on your back and you lift one leg up to the middle (straight up above your hips) whilst keeping the other leg flat on the floor. At the same time, you want to lift the opposite arm so that it meets your leg in the middle.

Plank with dumbell
Really simple exercise but quite difficult to do for a long period of time. You get into a plank position and you move the dumbell from side to side. You can either roll it or pick it up and place it on the opposite side – it’s up to you! Just be sure to keep your form nice and strong and not to raise your hips while you do it.

Plank walk-outs
Again, in a plank position you want to walk your legs out and then in. So left leg comes out to the side, then the right leg. Then the left leg comes back in followed by the right leg. Same as before, keep your hips nice and low to get the most out of this exercise. You can also jump your legs in and out if you want to make it more difficult.

I don’t have really heavy weights at home, so I use a big water bottle instead. Just improvise with what you have and tailor the exercises to suit your level and ability.

Hope you enjoyed!