IDRU: March – London Design Week, Olga Polizzi and Rocco Forte Hotels

Interior Design Round Up has been shortened to IDRU.

The highlight of this month was, of course, London Design Week! Although this took place on my doorstep, at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, I unfortunately wasn’t able to go. Trade dates were 8-10 March and the show opened to the public from 11-13 March. In this post, I’m going to be talking about hotelier Olga Polizzi, who gave a speech at London Design Week that inspired me to go and explore the Rocco Forte Hotels.

Olga Polizzi of Rocco Forte Hotels

I read that Olga Polizzi gave a speech about her process of hotel design. I would love design commercial settings like hotels, bars and restaurants, so this would have been a great talk for me! Hearing this, however, led me to go and explore the Rocco Forte Hotels website. And all I can say is, wow.

The hotels are honestly what dreams are made of! If you’re picturing yourself in a beautiful dress, wandering through the hallways of a very grand and decadent building, then The Balmoral, Edinburgh is perfect. Or, if you see yourself lounging in a king sized bed wearing a silk dressing gown (I often do), then the suites at Brown’s Hotel, London are ideal.

The interior at Brown’s Hotel was designed by Olga herself and effortlessly “harmonises stunning period features with contemporary flair.” As an English graduate, I can’t help but gush over the fact that Brown’s Hotel has its origins in Lord Byron’s history. It was his butler, James Brown, who acquired it in 1837 and expanded it to create Brown’s Hotel in 1838. The literary links continue, as the hotel has had George Orwell, Agatha Christie and Rudyard Kipling, who started The Jungle Book during one of his stays there. Agatha Christie is said to have based At Bertram’s Hotel on Brown’s and Stephen King supposedly started his novel Misery, whilst sat at Kipling’s desk there!

Deluxe Suite at Brown’s Hotel, London
Dover Suite at Brown’s Hotel, London
Dover Suite at Brown’s Hotel, London

The rooms are interesting because they’re a mix of traditional and contemporary design. The cornice and colour scheme in the Dover Suite above feel Georgian, yet the furniture and ornaments are very much contemporary.

Hotel de Russie in Rome, another Rocco Forte Hotel is the perfect luxury getaway. I love the Nijinksy Suite at this hotel. The patterns, fresh, light colour palette and gorgeous Italian views really make it the type of European getaway I picture when I close my eyes.

Nijinksy Suite at Hotel de Russie, Rome
Nikinksy Suite at Hotel de Russie, Rome
Nijinksy Suite at Hotel de Russie, Rome
Nijinksy Suite at Hotel de Russie, Rome

Finally, perhaps the dreamiest of all, is The Westbund Hotel, Shanghai. The luxury, futuristic feel of the hotel’s bars and restaurants is incredible. The rooftop bar sits on the 59th floor and offers panoramic views of the West Bund. There’s also n Italian restaurant, a Chinese restaurant and a British tea room.

The Westbund Hotel, Shanghai
The Westbund Hotel, Shanghai

Plus, the ceiling on this spa would honestly make me feel like I had left reality completely and entered heaven. It’s almost as if this whole room sits amongst the clouds…

The Westbund Hotel Spa, Shanghai
The Westbund Hotel Spa, Shanghai
The Westbund Hotel Suite, Shanghai
The Westbund Hotel Suite, Shanghai

I won’t pretend as if any of the rooms I’ve mentioned in this post aren’t wildly unattainable. All of this superior, considered design comes at a very high cost. The Kipling Suite at Brown’s Hotel starts at £4,200 a night – definitely not pocket change!

Kiping Suite at Brown’s Hotel, London
Kiping Suite at Brown’s Hotel, London

Wishlist Wednesday – Black and White

For some reason, everything in today’s wishlist Wednesday is black and white? I guess it just happens like that sometimes, but these are some of the things I’ve been loving this week. Links to all of the items are below and I hope you enjoy!

White tailored trousers – H&M
Frill collar detail dress – H&M
White knit jumper – H&M
Pearl headband – Zara
Lace-up heeled boots – Zara
Fluffy handle borg bag – Topshop

Wishlist Wednesday – Outerwear and Accessories

As it’s coming into Autumn now, I really wanted to start putting together wishlists of items that I want to update my wardrobe. It just made sense to share this on my blog as it’s a great way to showcase my style without having to go out and photograph myself in all of these different outfits. I actually don’t have the time to go out and be a full-time blogger, buying crazy amounts of clothes and shooting them all the time so I think this is a nice hybrid!

These actually take quite a while to make, so bear with me. I’m going to try my best to do them every week and I will link each item below so that you can purchase or save them to your own wishlists if you want to. I would like to also do these for the interior design section of my blog, probably on a seasonal rather than a weekly basis. Again, this would work really well with beauty and I could maybe do those once a month? I’m not sure, it’s just something that I’m trying out at the moment but there are always beauty bits that I want to buy. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this one and I’m looking forward to creating more for you in the future!

Black shearling jacket – Zara

Nylon saddle belt – Dior
Fluffy pink cardigan – Mango
Leather bralette – Missy Empire
Nude and gold heels – River Island
Lilac suit – ASOS
Ysl sunset top handle bag – Farfetch
Colour block blazer – River Island

What I wore for my 24th birthday

Yes, today is my birthday! As it’s a Sunday, I’m having a less glamorous celebration by multi-masking, listening to G-Eazy and playing The Sims in bed. Although I’m not hungover (thankfully), I am exhausted and I can think of no better way right now to be spending my birthday.

*queue all the nostalgic declarations about how far I’ve come, how different I am, how much I hope to achieve this year blah, blah, blah*

Last year I celebrated my birthday with a very classy dinner at Hutong, The Shard. This year was only slightly different. My love for food meant that I chose another pretty pricey restaurant, but this time I decided to go and party afterwards too. I spend most of my Friday/Saturday nights out. I always say that I didn’t have enough fun at university and I think it’s clear that I am exhausting every ounce of fun I have in my body right now. I’m only 24 but time flies and I’m sure there will soon come a time when I have to stop spending money on nights out and get myself together a little bit.

But not yet.

My night started at the very luxurious Bob Bob Ricard – you can read my review of the restaurant here. Trying to find a transitional outfit that I could sit down and eat in and then go and dance in later was a real mission. I ordered so many different dresses and went out shopping on so many occasions, that I’ve actually lost count! The first thing I did was look at the interior of the restaurant so that I could work out what kind of colour I wanted to wear. Does anybody else do this? Bob Bob Ricard’s interior is a mix of deep blues, golds and reds. I figured that the safest option was to go for a gold-ish colour dress. Red is an obvious choice and I didn’t want to risk being seated in the red section wearing a blue dress. Call me extra but it is my birthday…

The dress I am wearing is from Oh Polly, but I tried on a similar one from Misguided. Unfortunately, the Missguided version was a lot thinner and the cup section fitted me really poorly so I had to send it back. Missguided are usually very trustworthy in my opinion when it comes to a night out outfit, but unfortunately they just didn’t deliver this time! Regardless, it is my birthday and I wanted to wear something that not only felt amazing quality but was just extra special. It was my first time trying this brand, but Oh Polly really did not disappoint.

Oh Polly items come in the cutest pink box and the quality of the dress was amazing from the moment I opened it. It’s double lined, smooth as silk and the colour was absolutely perfect. I am in love with this dress, I think that it’s the perfect balance between sexy and classy if I say so myself. If you do your research online, you’ll find that a lot of people say their items come up small. I think they’re just true to size. I got a size 10 in this dress and it fit me very comfortably, with enough room to move. The only problem I have is with this style of dress. Unless you’re pretty much flat chested, it’s impossible for your boobs to fit properly into the cup. Luckily, it’s not too noticeable that mine didn’t really fit in at all.

The shoes were my graduation shoes and are from Kurt Geiger. I wore my trusty Tory Burch bag – I know it’s time for a new designer bag purchase but I can’t quite afford my beloved YSL tassel bag just yet, unfortunately.

Make-up was done really simply using a mixture of the MAC paint pot and a loose pigment. I think you should always put a bit of glitter on for your birthday. Not only will it photograph better but it’s your birthday and you deserve to shine! Lashes are from Primark. Lipstick was Sleek make-up and everything else is listed below.

Hope you enjoyed! X

Dress – Oh Polly
Shoes – Kurt Geiger
Necklace – AuRate New York
Earrings – Accessorize
Foundation – NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint (Seychelles)
Concealer – Collection 2000 (5 – Medium Deep)
Eyeshadow – MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Let Me Pop) and Pigment (Tan)
Blush – NARS (Outlaw)
Highlight – Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector (Topaz)
Lipstick – Sleek Makeup (Cherry)
Lashes – Primark (Natural)
Eyeliner – L’Oreal Superliner (Black)
Brows – L’Oreal Brow Shaper (04 – Dark Brunette)
Setting Spray – MAC Fix+